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A Plan


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Posted on 2011-12-16 at 00:00:00
She can't be in that much pain, nobody in real pain says 'ow'...

General News

15th February 2010

The comic's one year anniversary is coming up.. I'm planning a week 'off' to celebrate, in which I'm hoping to post sketches, drawings and guest comics. If you want to submit anything to go up that week, please send it to the usual address! Thanks guys!

25th September 2009

I have installed a link for an RSS feed, at the bottom of the front page in the footer.. I hope that's useful for some people!

4th June 2009

This comic was reviewed on The Dish podcast today eek! Thanks for the comments guys, you might notice a few new bits here and there, including a whole new 'first strip', number 0000!

31st May 2009

Re-vamped cast pages up, new website overhaul complete!

27th May 2009

Yay new website layout! I hope this one looks perhaps a bit neater, I wanted to add the Links, About etc pages, and ended up just re-building the whole thing...

Cast Pages are kinda out of service until I can find time to re-jig them into the new layout...

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